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Makes having a Beagle much more enjoyable...

I have really appreciated the easily followed instructions given in Beagle Savvy for obedience training and problem solving with our little Ruby, she is only 11 weeks this week and has been able to follow all the instructions given to her for at least 2 weeks from this fantastic guide. It makes having a Beagle much more enjoyable knowing what to do when, and have someone to rely on if I have a specific problem. Thank you so much!
- Kathleen Lawler, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Great with our older dog as well as our puppy...

I have owned several Beagles over the years. This is the only guide that I have found is totally specific to Beagles (rather than a geberic type of book with aa few modifications for Beagles). I have also taken my older Beagle through some of Beagle Savvy and it worked great on an older dog as well as our puppy. Beagle Savvy covers everything, and more. Highly recommended!
- Michael Devitt, Saco, Main

My 12 wk old puppy can walk off the lead and come back

I heard quite a few myths when my friends heard I was getting a Beagle puppy like \" You\'ll have your work cut out\" \"Never let him off the lead, you\'ll loose him forever\" \" They\'re stubborn, he\'ll never listen to you\" Well, using Beagle Savy, my 12 wk old my beautiful puppy can walk off the lead and come back!! Respond to my commands ( sit , down, stay , come) Thank you Beagle Savvy I have the perfect Beagle.
- Georgena Gilbert, Manchester, UK

Enabled me not to repeat mistakes...

Beagle Savvy gave me a lot of information about the breed and specific training which has enabled me NOT TO REPEAT mistakes I made with my previous dog.
- Laurence Peterson, Glen Cove, NY

You made a world of difference...

It\'s great to have that support at hand when you need it. It\'s great to know that the advice given is Beagle specific and I can tell you, from my results, it works very well. I was was getting very frustrated at the lack of progress but, Beagle Savvy has made a world of difference to me and my dog.
- Stacey Gales, Milford, Connecticut

Solved big had problems...

I\'ve owned a Beagle before my current dog, needless to say, they\'re very different. I big had problems with her going pee in the house. Using Beagle Savvy we have stopped that and she is completely house trained. Thank you Beagle Savvy!
- Michelle Hocking, Magnolia, TX

Good value for money

Beagle Savvy teaches how to work with a Beagle in a way different to other breeds. It enables a greater understanding of a Beagle\'s motivation and as such greater success in training. Good value for money.
- Tony Lewis, Whitstable, Kent

Has certainly helped

I found Beagle Savvy is very useful. Being a previous dog owner we considered ourselves ready to take on a rescue dog, but we forgot to allow for the Beagle being hardwired differently to other dogs and Beagle Savvy has certainly helped both us and her to build our relationship.
- Amanda, Milawa, Victoria, Australia

I haven\'t been disappointed

I found beagle Savvy on the Internet. I am usually very cautions about the claims on the internet but I haven\'t been disappointed with Beagle Savvy. Getting the additional books on free download was a real bonus.
- David Lane, Woking, Surrey, England

Has given us a great foundation

The Guide and assistance has given us a great foundation for raising our new puppy. We are new at raising a puppy and most of our questions have been covered in the book.
- Clay Napa, CA, USA

You\'ll never be alone

You\'ll never be alone with your fears. Brilliant!
- Dan, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I\'m very impressed

I found Beagle Savvy when I was considering rescuing my beagle. I\'m very impressed with the amount of information contained and available to me right away. Was a little skeptical about purchasing on line but was really pleased with the outcome. Would recommend to anyone that has never had the pleasure of owning a beagle.
- Andrea, North Tonawanda, New York, USA

In a word, brilliant

Beagle Savvy, was very easy to follow, full of common sense and useful ideas on how to train and understand your beagle, in a word, brilliant.
- David Lane, Faversham, Kent, UK

Easy to follow format

Great, user friendly information in an easy to follow format.
- Mark & Fenella, Tauranga, New Zealand

Due to the training methods

I found Beagle Savvy via a Google search, isn\'t everything these days... I liked the testimonials from actual users of Beagle Savvy and liked the idea of a breed specific system rather than general dog training guide. Our pup Abby is already very good with sit, here,stay, and knows her name, all I believe due to the training methods in Beagle Savvy.
- Ken Kime, Gettysburg, PA, USA

Beagle Savvy most helpful

We have found Beagle Savvy most helpful in socializing our 6 mo Beagle, \"Scanner\", thus far.
- Catherine Dailey, The Hague, Netherlands

Coming along beautifully

I found Beagle Savvy on the internet after I brought my baby beagle Herbie home. He was full on for the first month but after I read the Beagle Savvy I came to understand him better and he is coming along beautifully learning new things everyday.
- Lizzy , Guildford, Victoria, Australia

Helped me a lot

The book helped me a lot in understanding my Beagle and how to work better with her.
- Marie Allen, Eureka, CA, United States

By far, the most comprehensive and easily digestible material we could find

After getting our beagle/bluetic mix from the rescue, we searched the internet for numerous sites to give us some insight into what we had gotten ourselves into. Beagle savvy had, by far, the most comprehensive and easily digestible material we could find. In addition, the money-back guarantee was a big decision maker as was the constant feed back we are continuing to receive every day.
- Cliff & Shirley Thomas, Calabash, North Carolina USA

Excellent results

Beagle Savvy is easy to understand and follow. If you use the book correctly you and your puppy will work together to achieve excellent results.
- Alison Horne Stockport Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

She was be un trainable

We have found the book invaluable, everything we need to know and to prepare us for our new arrival, we have been told by many people that we must be mad to have a Beagle, even our vet told us she was be un trainable, we proved them all wrong, and feel the book has helped us achieve a very happy life with our new puppy.
- Deborah Pryke, Poole, Dorset, UK

Training a beagle is easy

Beagle savvy has taught me that training a beagle is easy if you use the right motivation ie treats and tone.
- Fiona Mey, Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa

It works!!!

We had dogs before, but never Beagles, and they definitely have different behavior than the other breeds. The book taught us how to have a happy time with our hipper cute dogs. We adopted 2 Beagles, and everything we know and we are doing, is following the tips that this book gave to us. It works!!!
- Adriana Pellegrinelli, Macungie, Pennsylvania, USA

The most complete information

I found Beagle Savvy via an internet search because I was looking for information specific to Beagles and this was the one book that gave the most complete information.
- Blair Hafner, Crowley Lake, California, USA

Progressing well

Maggie is our second beagle and we know how stubborn they can be with training. I was looking for a book specific to Beagles for that reason. Beagle Savvy proves to be a great reference for beagle owners. Thanks to you, Maggie is progressing well in her training since I have become a better trainer and a more consistent owner.
- Nancy Boustead, Mattoon, IL, USA

Took the mystery and guesswork out

I found Beagle Savvy to be informative and a great tool to help train Poppy my Beagle puppy. It took the mystery and guesswork out of training her making it a more enjoyable experience.
- Jean Shaw, Fedamore, Limerick, Ireland

Ruined several thousands of dollars

I was looking for help for my son’s Beagles that we got stuck with. They have ruined several thousands of dollars worth of furniture (leather couch) & carpet. I was ready to have them put down even though they were only 4mths old. They were so bad I was afraid if someone else took them they would be abused. Beagle Savvy helped me understand Beagles, because they are not like any other dog we have ever had!!!
- Becky, Akron, Ohio, USA

I would recommend to all Bealge owners

The guides are full of excellent information and are easy to understand. Would like to see more beagle specific topics. Otherwise I would recommend the series to all Bealge owners.
- Milton Maunder, Melbourne, Victoria , Australia

Helped me a lot

This is my first beagle and Beagle Savvy and email help me a lot with mu learning process and how to made the dog life easier.
- Martha, Orlando, Florida, United States

Correct Behaviors

I did a search from Yahoo on Beagle training-found your info, read and ordered. It has been very helpful--the behaviors I needed to correct were all covered.
- Gloria Shearer, Wickliffe, Indiana, USA


Amazing, very interesting to understand the breed not just the dog, I found daily emails very helpful, thank you all.
- Sam Enfield, London , United kingdom

It reassures me

Beagle Savvy has help me a great deal and I look through the information all the time when I see Odie act or behave in a certain manner, just to see if it is normal and it reassures me that it is. The book and the emails have been great.
- Carl Faulk, Salt Lake, Utah, United States

Beagle Savvy knows beagles

Beagle Savvy knows beagles. I have owned one before and now I own 2. I wish I had Beagle Savvy with my first beagle as it would have saved much grief.
- Michelle Mariscal, Santa Maria, Ca, Usa

Feel more confident

I have only had my puppy for one week, so it\'s early days yet, however I found Beagle Savvy an excellent resource for reading up and preparing for our dog. It is the first time I have had a dog and Beagle Savvy helped me feel more confident about doing things right. The email service offered is a big bonus and I will be using it shortly.
- Jackie Montalto, Malta

Read it before you get your puppy

I wish I had had Beagle savvy when I first got my puppy, Todd. Although he is only a Beagle x Jack Russel he seems to have inherited all the Beagle genes ie willful and likes to be in control. Beagle Savvy helped me sort out some of the unwanted behaviour at 8 months and refine previous training sessions. I would recommend Beagle savvy to a new Beagle owner and read it before you get your puppy!
- Mary Coulson, Covington, Cambs, UK

Far more useful

Confronted with a breed of dog we were unfamiliar with I searched the internet to find what I could learn. Beagle Savvy is far more useful than anything else I have found.
- Jane Ashley, KIngsland, Texas, USA

So good

So good I have spread your link to other people who have dogs, Beagles or not.
- António Freire, Lisbon, Portugal

Took away a lot of the angst

I bought the book about 3 weeks prior to our puppy arriving at home and found it a great read to prepare for the new addition to our family. The e-mail support has also kept the information \'fresh\' and took away a lot of the angst of welcoming Lulu. I found that the tips worked well and every so often the puppy will do something and I will instinctively know how to deal with it. Thanks a lot!
- Anelise Taljaard, Johannesbur, Gauteng, South Africa

Simple, fast and effective

I find the service and information that Beagle Savvy provide is quick, simple, fast and effective!
- Craig Clery, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

Thank you

Thank you for the helpful information on Beagles. This is my first time owning a Beagle. I admit raising a puppy has been very hectic and tiring. It has gotten better and the love from this puppy is my reward.
- Liz Byrd, Bunnlevel, North California, United States

Way ahead of the other puppies

My husband wanted a beagle and I was a bit reluctant, firstly to get a dog, being a very definite catwoman, and secondly to get a beagle as I had heard what strong personalities they have, so I went online to find out more about them and came across Beagle Savvy. I read the entire book over two nights and have found it to be an extremely helpful and interesting book. My husband had trained dogs previously but I was a novice, and as I started quoting things out of the book, he had to admit that I was starting to know more about it than he did. We have a wonderful puppy - Millie - who is doing very well, she is 90% good and 10% naughty! but by using the tips in the book, we were way ahead of the other puppies at puppy preschool so we were very proud. It does take a lot of effort and time to train a dog, however it is definitely worth it, although one thing I have realised is that it is constant and we will be working with Millie for a long time to come. Thank you Beagle Savvy - I would definitely recommend it to any dog owner, not just owners of Beagles.
- Toni Gerbes, Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Puppy came with some issues

This puppy came to me with some issues that I was not sure I could correct. Beagle Savvy have given me the confidence to train her and correct the problems.
- Diane Canell, Wallingford, CT, USA

Understands behaviour of Beagles

It is good to have someone who you feel able to contact whenever we need to and who understands the particular behaviour of Beagles. We get lots of conflicting advice from other people with dogs, who do not realise Beagles are not like other dogs and it is good to have someone who understands Beagles to give advice.
- Gillian Telford, North Shields, Tyne & Wear, England

Excellent advice

Well written. Excellent advice.
- Bandit, Parkland, Florida, USA

Progressing quickly

I am really enjoying the Beagle Savvy and it is really helped me with training my Lucy. We were a work in process and with your help are progressing quickly. Your book is a blessing.
- Kathy Radacky, Williston, Florida, USA

Great help in all areas

We love the Beagle Savvy. It has been a great help in all areas of training and care.
- Ron and Carol Hansen, Gilroy, CA, USA

Beagle Savvy has helped

I\'ve owned a female Beagle before my current male, needless to say, they\'re very different. Although there are many similarities, after 11 yrs with my female, I still miss her, I still had problems with her going pee in the house, Beagle Savvy has helped us eliminate that with our new male Beagle! Whom is the cutest in the world! Thank you Beagle Savvy! Michelle Hocking!
- Michelle Hocking, Magnolia, TX, USA

I was drawn to Beagle Savvy more than other books

I was drawn to Beagle Savvy more than other training/information books because of the compassionate way that you spoke of your own beagle and experiences. My beagle Addie is not just our pet but part of our family and that was the most important factor to me when deciding which information sources to use when bringing my beagle home.
- E.Tennant, Orion IL USA

She is so much better behaved

A few weeks after purchasing Honey I had started questioning my decision. I had the cutest, floppy eared companion that I could wish for however I had the misconception of this puppy that would be potty trained by then and not destroy her living space including literally chewing a hole in the wall of my brand new house. Honey is so good with the kids and she is so sweet. Beagle Savvy really helped me understand that I was not alone. That the traits I was seeing were simply just part of her breed. She is so much better behaved. We haven\'t got her completely trained but she is definitely getting there. The part of the book that was especially helpful was \"Becoming the Pack Leader\".
- Valarie Kovolski, Wilmington NC USA

learned so much from this book

I learned so much from this book. I would definitely recommend it to others!
- Linda Cieslukowski, Shenandoah Pa. U.S.

no longer have chewed items around the house

Owning a beagle is both the best and the hardest of times! Finding out what makes them \'tick\' is the key to a happy beagle. Beagles are the most loving and joyous of dogs. To know one is to love one and Beagle savvy helps unlock the mystreies of a beagle brain! Our puppy, Peanut, is now a happy, socialble and loving beagle companion, and we no longer have chewed items around the house that we tell people have been beagled!
- Mr and Mrs Wright, Fareham Hampshire UK

Beagle specific information

It is great to have this easy to read, Beagle specific information, so that we can understand our dog\'s behaviour and all the family can feel confident with training and enjoy this time.
- Bernadette Cox, Bathurst NSW Australia

Beagle Savvy has given me so much instruction

I was looking for information about training and Beagle behavior when I stumbled upon the Beagle Savvy website, and I\'m so glad I did! Beagle Savvy has helped me understand so much about beagles! I have a 9 year old Lab, who is the \"perfect dog\", now having a beagle puppy is well, very challenging at times. Boy are they hardheaded! But, Beagle Savvy has given me so much instruction and many useful tips to use and they really do work! It\'s nice to know that there is e-mail support too if you need it, plus I love the e-mail tips that they send out too! Thanks so much!!
- Amy, Virginia USA

Would be disappointed without your help

My Rosie lives in a different world than other dogs that we see. Your information helped me to understand how to work with her. My Rosie was born at Marshall Farms. You probably know them. I Understand that they raise Beagles for various people. My Rosie Went to the University of Utah Medical Center. For some reason they never got around to do any medical experimenting with her. I would not want a dog that had been used this way. So Rosie and I got together and I found that she had a very secluded two years. So I had a two and a half year old puppy. Your information has been very helpful to me in understanding how her mind works. We have a long way to go and we are loving it. Without your help I am sure that we would be very disappointed. Thank you so much.
- Bert Davis & Rosie, Sandy Utah USA

Gives a lot of very useful information

Gives a lot of very useful information on working with and training a beagle.
- Robert A. Kositsky, Sunrise Florida USA

they listen to me more and seem happier

My two dogs were loving and happy before. But since I have used the training tips they listen to me more and seem happier. My male beagle used to go to the toilet during the night when he was inside, but since I have used the toilet training advice he has not had a accident since. my family and I could not be more happier with the beagle savvy book.
- Christie Stankevicius, Butler Western Australia

It is helping me to understand her

I knew nothing about beagles until I read your book. It is helping me to understand her and to look after her in the best way possible.
- Jennifer Hamilton, Greensborough Victoria Australia

extremely pleased to have found it

I came across Beagle Savvy by chance online, I have been extremely pleased to have found it, and value the ongoing email support. I would gladly recommend it to any Beagle owner.
- Susan Lowe, Burnham -on- Crouch Essex England

He is responding well to his training sessions

After reading Beagle Savvy I started to use the ideas with my dog Rex. He is responding well to his training sessions. He is not the perfect dog yet, but I now can see where he is going and can see great progress.
- Dan Renaud, Windsor Ontario Canada

I am now enjoying her very much

The first week I felt as if I had done the wrong thing getting a pup, but reading Beagle Savvy a few times things seem to sort them selves out, and I am now enjoying her very much. thank you
- Mrs Diane Wilson, Edinburgh United Kingdom

Your help has been unsurpassed!

This has been so helpful. I have never owned a beagel before.. only labs and WOW they are so different. Your help has been unsurpassed! My vet cannot help with my questions as well as YOU! I thank you because it has not been an easy road.
- Kelly Haggerty Bel AIr, MD USA

lots of help in a reader friendly style

I wanted to ensure that I had as much information and support as possible before I brought Phoebe home and Beagle Savvy gave me lots of help in a reader friendly style. I enjoyed receiving the emails as they contained small, bite sized pieces of relevant information.
- Marilyn Sheath, Southampton England

training is coming along really well

It was a pleasure to read Beagle Savvy, as it helped me to understand the workings of a beagle, the training is coming along really well with your help, but obviously we have a long way to go, I\'m sure there will be a few nibble slippers etc.... LOL But its all worth it, I would not have it any other way, he is our boy.
- Richard Jones, Swords Co. Dublin Ireland

wish we had the information the 1st time around

Great support! Helped in house training. We have pass this information on to other Beagle owners. This is the 2nd Beagle we have had wish we had the information the 1st time around.
- Evellyn and Pat Coleman, Hay River Northwest Territories Canada

Beagle is now more affectionate

After having our two Beagles for over 18 months, and applying some training, with varied results, I still was not happy with all outcomes. After applying training from Beagle Savvy, the slightly older Beagle is now more affectionate toward us and both are better behaved when inside the house.
- Bruce Donaldson, Nuriootpa South Australia

it saved Rocky from becoming another unwanted pet

I was not ready for another dog but, my daughter gave me a Beagle for fathers day. We named him Rocky. It had been over 12 years since I had a puppy in my home and I spent a many sleepy nights with rocky wining and crying. To the point where I was about to give him away. I was at my wits end with Rocky when a DVM friend of mind told me about Beagel Savvy and Julia Sargent. I looked them up on line and ordered the book. Thanks to beagle savvy and Julia Sargent, it saved me and it saved Rocky from becoming another unwanted pet that would end up in a shelter. I gave Rocky a few weeks to come around and by me following the beagle savvy advice, he and I both have come a long ways. Rocky has and is turning out to be a petty nice pet. I will recommend this book to anyone that is trying to train a beagle.
- Chuck Lindsey, Chesapeake, VA USA

great info at such a great price

I have never had a puppy before and was nervous about getting a beagle (especially when you get online and read all the bad points about running away, chewing etc;) but getting Beagle Savvy made me feel more confident about handling any situation that came up with our puppy and as a result we have a 9 week old little fellow that we have just enjoyed immensely. We have 4 children and they all love to read Beagle Savvy and find out new ways to play and train our little guy. Thanks for the great info at such a great price!
- Tanya Lemcke, Westport, Ontario, Canada

provided great tips and encouragement

Our beagle puppy is a sweet girl but is \"all beagle\" when it comes to activity level, attention, etc. Beagle Savvy has provided great tips and encouragement - and the ongoing emails are good reminders that training is an ongoing process, not just learned in a few weeks of obedience school.
- Alison Epstein, Durango, CO USA

my puppy is so clever

I have never owned a beagle before and after reading Beagle savvy i am more confident that i am doing the right thing by my beagle and training her in the best way she knows to be trained and understands. I now know what i should and shouldn\'t be doing and am much more patient when things don\'t go according to plan straight away. I feel more informed that i am doing the right thing. My family make me laugh and have fun teasing me when i am teaching our puppy saying \"mum is being really beagle savvy\" and whenever i talk to them about how they should help train her and teach her with what they should and shouldn\'t do they say \"Mum you are so Beagle Savy\" it is now a funny happy standing joke in our family and between our friends. i am extremely happy i bought the book. the service is excellent and the free gifts have come in very handy also. Reading these books is my favorite past time, my puppy is so clever i feel i have to keep reading to keep up with her, i find i am referring to them constantly, everytime i come across something new that she does or something i am unsure how to deal with. They have been great!
- Sylvia Reed, Semaphore South Australia

the book enabled us to know what is important

As our Beagle was a foundling, we did not know what she knew or to what degree she may have been trained. She was loving and clearly thankful to be taken in and loved. I ordered the book the first night we had her home and read it \"cover to cover\". As we got to know our Beagle, we named her \"Kira\", it became quickly apparent that she had been trained which was wonderful. She has been virtually no trouble but the book enabled us to know what is important and helped judge if any areas needed attention and continuous follow-up training and/or encouragement. The book is just as beneficial for us as it must be for a novice or someone starting with an untrained puppy.
- Tim and Beate Horton, Ridgecrest CA USA

You have given us HOPE

I researched AKC\'s website to pick the best breed of dog for my 10 year-old grandson and decided on the beagle. We are so in love with her, but she can be a handfull sometimes. She is intelligent, but stubborn and I was at my wit\'s end to find ways to deal with her \"bad habits.\" I just wish I had Beagle Savvy when we first got her. I think I could have prevented them. (She is 10 months old.) Anyway, your book gave me hope and we are still working together to have the very best dog in the world.
- June and Ethan Wood, Burleson Texas US

mine of valuable information

As a first time Beagle (or any dog) owner I was totally clueless. Beagle Savvy has been a mine of valuable information I could not have done without. Thank you!
- Vicky Kirby, Ashtead, Surrey UK

would be lost without beagle savvy

For the last 44 years we have had dogs. Beagles are so different with out beagle savvy we would be lost. After 2 months still reading and learning.
- Melvyn Oates, Coleford Gloucestershire England

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