Beagles make great companions for the active individual or family. They are extremely friendly, playful, curious and full of energy. They are a devoted breed that is highly sociable and loving.

The Beagle is by nature a natural hunter, and is independent. He has a keen sense of smell and enjoys tracking. They are brave and quite intelligent. Beagles are happy outdoors and require plenty of exercise to release their pent up energy.

Beagles And History

Beagles have a long history. Historical fact indicates that the Beagles ancestors date all the way back to the ancient Greeks. These dogs were similar but were much smaller then the breed that is celebrated today.

Eventually, the popularity of Beagles extended beyond the Greeks and continued on to the French Normans. The Normans liked the dogs for their impeccable sense of smells, and used them to track hares. They gave them the name “Beagle” which roughly translates to “gape throat”. This name was used in reference to the noise the breed made when they were in groups getting ready to track game.

The Beagles success at tracking encouraged the Normans to take them to England in 1066, where they were bred larger to assist in the common job of carrying the pockets of mounted men or saddle bags. It wasn’t long after this, that Beagles became extremely popular with English royals such as Elizabeth I, William III and George IV.

The UK established their first Beagle Club in 1895, and their popularity took off through Europe, and Beagles eventually came to America in the late 1800’s.

Today, Beagles remains one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Beagles At A Glance

Beagles are a very happy go lucky breed that is sociable, loyal, courageous and smart. They are happy with both active individuals or with families. They love children, and are eager to play and are great company.

Beagles have a sweet expression and are a nice medium sized dog. This makes them ideal for both the city and country. They are easy to take care of, as their coat requires little grooming. In fact, Beagles do a good job taking care of themselves. Keep in mind their coat does shed.

Even though Beagles are very friendly and excellent family dogs, there are certain aspects about this breed that some owners don’t find so charming, and why many Beagles are given up to rescues.

For instance, Beagles love to howl, and have a loud baying cry that can seriously get on your nerves as well as your neighbors’. Beagles tend to howl a lot when they are left by themselves. Thus, if you are really interested in this breed, but will be out frequently, you should consider getting a second one for company.

Furthermore, their natural tracking instinct takes over when they are outside. Therefore, they should not be let off the leash, as they could easily run off on a tracking quest if their scent picks up something that interests them.

Beagles are friendly with other dogs, but can not be trusted with other family pets such as cats and rodents. They must first grow up and be socialized with other non-canine family members before accepting them.

Finally, even though Beagles are an exceptionally smart breed, they are stubborn when it comes to training. Therefore, you will need plenty of patience and the time to take them to a proper obedience class.

Beagles are wonderful pets for those who understand what it means to be committed to this breed. If you have any doubt at all in regards to owning a Beagle, make it fair to yourself and the dog and don’t get one.