There are Beagle rescue shelters all over the world. This is because many Beagles are abandoned, given up, or abused by their owners, and have no where else to go. It’s sad to say, but every year, too many Beagles are being euthanized because rescues simply can’t cope with the number of Beagles that need care and a place to call home.

You can help give a Beagle a second chance at a happy life by adopting them from Rescues. In fact, if you are not in a position to adopt one, you can still provide the Beagle rescue with a donation, or sponsor a Beagle to help them receive the medical care they need.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in adopting, the following are answers to some questions you may be pondering:

Why adopt from Beagle rescue?
Not everyone is interested in bringing a Beagle puppy home. Sure they are cute, but training them, putting up with the chewing phase, and their high energy just isn’t for everyone. Aside from these facts, you will feel good knowing that you are providing a Beagle with the love and attention he’s always wanted and deserves. Adopting is a good feeling. It’s a win, win situation. You get a loving, devoted companion, and the Beagle gets love, care and a home to call his own.

Should I adopt a Beagle?
You should only consider adopting if you have the lifestyle that is suitable for a Beagle. For instance, if you are out all of the time, or are not able to give him the exercise and attention he needs, it would be unfair to adopt. On the other hand, if you really love the breed, and are committed to taking care of them, you may want to consider adopting two so they can keep one another company when you are not there.

What is involved in the adoption process?
You will need to fill out an application form in order to adopt. This form will be screened by rescue workers, who will set up an interview and decide if you will be a suitable Beagle owner, and also give you a chance to meet the Beagle you are interested in.

You should also know that it does cost money to adopt from a Beagle rescue, but it is not a high expense like the money it costs to adopt from a breeder.

There will likely be more than one Beagle rescue located in your state or province. You can do an online search or contact your local humane society. You should also try visiting your national kennel club or the Beagle club of your nation. These sites will likely provide your information about Beagle rescue.