Your Beagle puppy will be excited and anxious when he meets his new family, just as you will be. However, you shouldn’t let your excitement leave you unprepared for your puppy. There are certain items that your puppy will need, that you won’t want to run out and get the same day he arrives.

The following is a comprehensive list of the most important items you need when bringing your beagle puppy home:

  • Collar – Your Beagle puppy will need a collar for identification purposes. There are plenty of different colored collars that come in a variety of sizes and textures. Choose one that will not slip over the Beagles head, but won’t choke his neck either.
  • Leash – You will need a leash to walk your Beagle. A retractable leash is your best option as it will provide your Beagle with the freedom to roam and it has a comfortable handle. This leash will also come in handy when you need to train your dog to heal.

    You may also want to consider getting a harness for your Beagle when you take him for a walk. This way you won’t be yanking his neck all the time as he goes on his constant sniffing explorations.

  • Food and water bowls – Provide your Beagle puppy with stainless steel or ceramic water and food dishes. Don’t choose plastic dishes as they tend to hold bacteria, especially when it comes to the water dish.
  • Dog bed or pillow– Give your Beagle a nest bed or a pillow that he can rest on. A Beagle will require a medium sized bed “21”x28” and a medium sized pillow “36” – 45”.
  • Crate – Crate training your beagle is a good idea. It makes transporting your Beagle easier and provides him with a safe place he can call his own. All dogs are den animals and are happy in small spaces. In fact, a crate will likely be the only area in your home where your Beagle can fully relax. However, you will need to properly crate train your dog. The ideal sized crate is 24”, but if you want, choosing a crate that is one size larger at 30” is just as sufficient.
  • Food – You should provide your Beagle puppy with the same food he was eating at the breeders. If you would like to switch to another brand at a later date, do so. However, you want the transition into a new home to be smooth and as easy on your pup as possible. Having familiar food will help.
  • Treats – You need to have treats to reward your Beagle when you begin training him. It also wouldn’t hurt to give him a special little treat upon his arrival to make him feel loved and welcome.
  • Toys – Your Beagle puppy will love to chew. Make sure you have chew toys, bones, balls and a durable plush toy for him to enjoy. If not, he will find other things to chew that you won’t like so much.
  • Name – Choosing a name for your Beagle can be a lot of fun, but it is something you should do before you bring him home. You will want to start calling your Beagle puppy by his name as soon as he gets home to familiarize him with it, and help to make training easier. In addition, if you decide on a name in advance, you can inform the breeder, and ask them to call your puppy by his new name to help get him used to it.
  • Once you have all of these above essentials covered, you need to turn your focus on the other important aspect of introducing your Beagle puppy to his new home – When to bring him home.

Bringing your Beagle home –
You should bring your puppy home at specific time, when you will have a few free days to spend with the dog to help him adjust to his new home and begin housebreaking. The best time is usually the beginning of a weekend, or even better, the beginning of a vacation you specifically took off work to welcome your dog home.

You should not introduce your dog to your home when it will be out of sorts, or you will have lots of people over. This includes major holidays, or if you have relatives visiting. You will want to keep things as normal as possible for your Beagle puppy. Limit the excitement and your visitors.

Welcoming party –
If you are bringing your Beagle puppy home to a family, make sure everyone is involved. Everyone should know the puppy’s name, and know how to handle him and all of the essentials required to keep him safe and happy. You should also take the time to introduce him to any other family pets, especially cats and rodents, so the puppy understands these are family members and not game.

Safe Home –
Finally, you need to make sure that there are no potential dangers that can harm your new Beagle puppy. Household items that can be hazardous to a dog, that you may not think about include:

  • Cleaning chemicals
  • House Plants – some are poisonous to dogs, find out if the plants you own fall into the category.
  • Sharp objects such as knives
  • Electrical wires
  • Garbage

All of these items should be kept off the floor and anywhere your dog may be able to reach them. You have to think of your puppy as no different then a small child. They are curious, and won’t think twice about getting into mischief if the opportunity presents itself.