Beagle puppies are incredibly cute, and once you see one, you’ll want to bring him home. However, you need to exercise caution when choosing a puppy. To avoid future hassle, you need to ensure your puppy is healthy and comes from a good breeder.

To assist you in selecting from good beagle puppies, below is a brief list of the requirements for the breed’s standard you should look for:

Head – The Beagle has a slightly dome shaped head that is relatively wide. They have a well defined stop, and their muzzle should not appear snippy.

Ears – The ears of a Beagle are one of his most distinguishable trade marks. They are long and have a rounded tip. They hang close to the cheeks and have a fine texture. Check the ears of Beagle puppies before buying them. The inside of the ears should be a nice pink shade and not red. Ears should be free from odor, scratches or marks. The presence of any of these unfavorable characteristics is a sign of an ear infection.

Eyes – The Beagle has dark brown or hazel eyes. The eyes are large had have dark rims. Beagles have an alert and friendly expression. Eyes should be clear and the whites should not be yellow or red.

Nose – The Beagle usually has a black nose, but may have a lighter shade nose if he has a light coat coloring. Their nose is broad and the nostrils are wide, enabling him with his natural tracking ability. Beagle puppies should have clean noses and no presence of mucus at the nostrils.

Mouth – Beagles have even, white teeth that form a complete scissor bite. Their jaws are strong. Puppies will have smaller, and fewer teeth then adults, but by observing their teeth, you will still be able to determine whether or not their teeth are straight.

Body – Beagle puppies should have a straight top line from the middle of their shoulders (withers) to their tail. Their ribs are well sprung and overall their body is well balanced.

Tail – Beagles have long tails that they carry high and gaily. Their tail should not curl over their back or hang down. The tail of a beagle is covered in but has no feathering.

Legs – The forelegs of Beagle puppies are straight and well boned. They have firm elbows that neither turn in or out. Their hind legs are extremely muscular (particularly in the thighs), and they have well bent stifles.

Feet – Beagles have tight and firm feet that have strong pads.

Gait – Beagles have a long stride that is free moving. They walk straight. All of their power is in their hind legs. Have the Beagle puppies you are interested in walk before you purchase them. This way you can find out if they have any problems with their legs or feet. They may not walk entirely balanced, but they should be using all 4 legs and feet equally.

Coat – Beagles have short, dense coat that is waterproof. The coat does shed, and will feel rough to the touch. Inspect the puppy to make sure he has no bald patches in his coat.

Color – Beagles come in a mixture of hound colors (particularly shades of brown, black and tan). The tip of the tail, the tip of the muzzle near the nose, the legs, feet, and stomach are usually white.

Skin – The skin of a beagle could be pink, brown or spotted. However, it should be smooth and without scabs or lumps.

Knowing the breed standard will help you determine if the breeder you are considering is serious about their Beagles. If you find it difficult to judge Beagle puppies with the breed standard, ask to see their parents.