Beagle care isn’t difficult and is something you will learn to do with ease. Just make sure that you take the time to ensure your Beagle remains healthy so he can enjoy a long and happy life with you.

Here are the essential Beagle care guidelines you need to follow:

Beagle Care Tips

Grooming – Your Beagle does a good job at caring for his own coat. However, it never hurts to give him a good brush every week or two to remove any excess hair that has been shed. Brushing with a rubber brush or curry comb will also free any dirt from the coat, and will distribute the oils through his fur to make it look glossy and healthy.

More grooming that needs to be taken care of:

Bathing – Bathe your beagle two or three times a year to keep his coat clean.

Nails – Your Beagle should have short nails. When they become too long they should be clipped by you, the Vet, or a professional groomer.

Ears – Periodically (once a month) check the inside of your Beagles ears to make sure they are without odor. The skin shouldn’t be red or any have bites or cuts. If you have to clean your Beagle’s ears, use a cotton ball to wipe it, don’t use a Q-tip, you will only push wax further into the ear canal which can lead to an infection.

Teeth –Give your Beagle’s teeth a weekly or bi-weekly brushing to control build up of plaque and tartar. You will want to introduce tooth brushing at an early age. You should also provide your Beagle with dent-a-bones and ensure theVet checks his teeth.

Activity – Your Beagle requires plenty of exercise to release his energy, and keep his muscles strong. He also needs to be exercised to prevent him from becoming overweight.

Good Food– Your Beagle needs dog food that will provide him with the nutrition he needs to remain healthy and strong. For this reason, you shouldn’t give your Beagle human food. While you may think it’s a nice treat, human food can make your dog overweight and lead to health problems. Consult your Vet about a good dog food brand to buy, as well as the quantity you should feed your Beagle.

Yearly visit to the Vet – Every year your Beagle needs to visit the vet to have a standard check up to make sure he is healthy. He should also have all of his vaccines and be tested and protected from heart worm.

Fresh water – Give your Beagle clean water whenever you remember. He can dehydrate if he doesn’t have any water, or may become sick if he drinks stale water which may carry bacteria or be dirty.

Walk with leash – When you walk your Beagle keep him on a leash so he doesn’t follow his own nose. You don’t want to lose your dog and risk having him being hit by a car.

Essentially, Beagle care is about spending time with your dog. You will feel good and so will your Beagle when you care for him. You can relax knowing he is healthy and happy.